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Corruption- Corpus Christi Texas

Posted on by John Chiarello



I made the videos yesterday- my friend Austin stopped by last night and we spent about 5 hours fellowshipping- so I didn’t get a chance to post until now. You see him on the last video- I just reviewed it- one of the statements that struck me was ‘we have bad stuff happening all around the country- but for some reason it seems worse here’. Yes- out of the mouth of 2 witnesses shall every word be established- amen.


Mob- Mafia- Judge Missy Medary- Doctor arrested- again https://youtu.be/iZcvYSaJGZk 


.Mafia- Missy Medary

.Doctor busted by the judge- again

.Uncle Rudy’s funeral

.The Italian crew I worked in [Painting that is]

.My New Jersey family connections!

.The famous hit! [He needed a ride- called off at the last minute- yes- this was a family hit!]

.Drug kingpin out of NYC

.The Heroin dealers

.The mob blew the Irish gangster to pieces [Green]

.Jimmy Hoffa- Whitey Bulger

.NFL and Trump too

.North Korea says Trump declared war on them- with a tweet!


.Just do it


Nueces county- Corpus Christi- Mob- God father connection- Corruption https://youtu.be/FY9xSANtecE 


.The Philadelphia connection to North beach- I show it right on this video!

.Nicky Scarfo

.King makers right here

.Organized crime in south Texas

.Sammy the Bull Gravano

.I confess to the world- I am connected!

.God- Father

.Mexico connection to Corpus Christi

.El- Chapo

.Is it even safe to visit south Texas? [see case below- you and your family might be shot in home invasion- then your wife and kids-as the surviving witnesses might be murdered as the trial nears- then as the last witness you decide not to testify- and what happens? The case- in south Texas- gets dropped- yes- enter at your own risk!]


History of corruption in Nueces county- Corpus Christi Texas- http://ccoutreach87.com/9-25-17-history-of-corruption-in-nueces-county/ 


.The mole

.Whitey Bulger

.Sanctioned hits in collusion with law enforcement

.Caller Times

.Thinking of relocating to South Texas?

.Be forewarned


Austin- http://ccoutreach87.com/9-25-17-austin/ 


.Austin teaches


For those who think these titles are too strong-

This area recently had a murder case- triple homicide I think. There were 4 witnesses [some women and I think kids were killed too].


The case went to trial-

Witness 1- murdered in cold blood.

Witness 2- murdered in cold blood

Witness 3- murdered in cold blood.

Last witness decided not to testify- and the case was dropped.


As far as I know- there have been zero arrests in the murders of the witnesses- and sad to say- the 4th witness will probably wind up killed too.

Now- where does this happen?


Even in the mafia cases I talked about on the videos- if a witness is killed- they continue to go after the mobster.

If 2 are killed- they sometimes catch the killer.

If 3 are killed- all in a row- they will do something.

Usually protect the witnesses after the 1st killing.


Especially after the 2nd murder.

But no- here in South Texas- after the 3rd witness is murdered [I believe some might have been women] they simply drop the case.

So- if you think I’m exaggerating- just re-read the above- below are some links-


NOTE- Just look at this ONE case for a moment- you started with a triple homicide- as the trial progressed- you had 3 more witnesses murdered in cold blood. That brings it to 6. because the case was dropped- you now have 6 unsolved homicides- possibly 7- if they murder the last witness- and this is all in one case mind you. Some cities have 6 unsolved murders in one year- this area has 6- in one case!


Sales said three witnesses who were inside of the house mysteriously died just weeks after the murders.[clip- full article below] [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/09/26/corruption-crises-in-corpus-christi-texas/ ]



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