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Corruption crisis in Corpus Christi

Posted on by John Chiarello



Chief Simpson- https://youtu.be/U-wycmX5WuQ


.Judge Manuel Banales

.’We have warned you John- do not be in public’! CCPD to me- CCPD has also spread a rumor that I carry a gun- and am dangerous -are they documenting a record- just in case they need to act?


.The Race


Here’s a brief report from El-defensor- whole article below-


Jul 4, 2009 - The Picture of Manuel Banales Almost Says"Maximum Sentences For Those ... has feared a sentencing by state District Judge Manuel Bañales, who's known for ... open his own Corpus Christi law firm, earn an estimated $10 million mostly in .... is a corrupt judge who crippled two men and buys prostitutes.



Criminal history of judge Manuel Banales- https://youtu.be/p8d6W4fufvo 


.I read reports that he has been picked up for the solicitation of prostitutes

.And reports that he ran his car into a homeless man by city hall [past record]


Scene of the crime- https://youtu.be/_56iLOYum9c 


.I did not connect the dots when I made this video- if you watch the last video- the dots are connected


Update- https://youtu.be/yuHCnzY5wMA 

http://ccoutreach87.com/9-19-17-scene-of-the-crime/ [update]

.CCPD spreads false rumors

.Dangerous ones at that

.Judge Manuel Banales- are the reports true that you solicited prostitutes?


I think we solved the riddle [previously titled ‘sex with kids is wrong!’]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_eEuTZunQg 


.Children of God [cult]

.David Moses Berg

.Ricky Hernandez- victim of child sex cult [Maybe Rodriguez?]

.He made a video years later- killed the woman involved- and killed himself

.Jesus movement of the 70’s

.Kieth Green

.Judge Sandra Watts- and Judge Missy Medary just honored Judge Manuel Banales as a great man of integrity

.They have publicly stated they truly respect his values and life

.Whats wrong with this picture?

.Why would they do this- knowing the history?


 Final thoughts below-


Here’s the link to patriot dad and tom Greenwell- https://thepatriotdad.wordpress.com/judge-tom-greenwell-just-what-would-cause-suicide/ 


As I drove the possible ramps where judge Banales drove his car off the road- I finally got to the one where it happened. I actually stated on the video I had to drive down Leopard street- to access the ramp. I don’t like driving Leopard- because it is known as the ‘Red light district’ here in Corpus- and a lot of cops patrol this street. I was actually surprised it was this ramp that the judge wiped out on.

I figured it was the other ramp heading out of town- where maybe because you were in a hurry leaving town- yeah- you might speed.

But as I ‘investigated’ this case- I realized it was the ramp- going back into the courthouse area.

Anyway- after this video [Scene of the crime] I took a ride up towards San Antonio.

On the way back- I was thinking of a cult I studied in the past- because it too involved sex with children [Like patriot dad believes is happening with the judges and officials in Nueces county].

Sure enough- right when I got to the ramp coming into town- on the other side of where the crash happened- I remembered the name- [Ricky Hernandez] and stopped and made the last video [I think I solved the riddle].

As I made the video- on the side of the ramp coming back- I realized the judge- like my earlier drive- was probably exiting Leopard street at a very high rate of speed- which seems strange.

Earlier today- while simply googling Judge Banales name- to find the exact site of the wreck- I saw another report that he was once stopped for soliciting prostitutes.

Then I realized- why was the judge going so fast- was he possibly caught again- and evading the scene?

Which of course is a felony.

 Was there an undercover sting operation- and did the judge panic- thinking he was caught again?

I can think of no other reason why you would be speeding like that- out of control- unless you were fleeing the scene of a crime.

Of course the cop would have gotten his license number- and then maybe that's when the wheels started turning- working within the system to simply cover up 2 crimes.

One being the crash itself- and the other being caught in a prostitution sting- again.

Either way- what the judge did- in the car crash- was indeed a serious crime.


As I was simply googling Manuel Banales- to find the location of the car wreck- I came across multiple reports that claim judge Banales had been picked up for soliciting prostitutes- had a history of running into a homeless man by city hall- and how in these cases- because of corruption- he escaped justice. Some reports said he appeared before judges- who he actually hired their family members for jobs.

If all the reports are true- the corruption is even worse then I believed. Then I saw links where Judge Sandra Watts praises him for his integrity- Missy Medary honors him 5 days ago.

All of this is absolutely unbelievable.

The rabbit hole goes deeper than even I thought.


Final thoughts- https://youtu.be/wsxfxta_D9U 



LAST NOTE- As I read the articles- I got mad. I got mad because if it is all true- then it shows a corruption in this county that is even worse then I thought.

I also read comments that were wanting the destruction of the judge.

If these allegations are true- the judge obviously should not be a judge.

There are no past reports that say he engaged with underage kids- which others think might be happening in the system here [Patriot dad].

But if the prostitution charge is true- yes- it’s a crime.

Should Manuel Banales be destroyed over it?

No- he should be restored- not destroyed.

But I read other Hispanics who are mad- they are mad because they believe Banales went after them- unfairly.

They are mad because- if the allegations are true- he should not be a judge- never mind going after others with a vengeance.

The best advice for the judge is this-

There is forgiveness with God- there is mercy.

I usually do not spend this much time- dealing with these issues.

In reality- as those who watch the videos can see- it drains me down.

So- if true- simply ask God for forgiveness.

If you struggle with sin- as we all do- then God forgives.

I attend the Catholic Cathedral here in Corpus Christi- I think I read in one of the posts that you attend as well.

If so- I would be glad to see you there- as a fellow believer in Christ.

Not a Mexican brother- or a Gringo brother- or a Black brother-

No- the kingdom does not have these boundaries.

No- I would be happy to see you as a fellow Christian.

And in the end- I hope the right thing is done.

May God bless your soul.


John [overblog- see rest here https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/09/19/corruption-crisis-in-corpus-christi-2/ 


These were copied from other reports- I added the links to yesterdays post-


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