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Again!- https://youtu.be/UWRcQCBETCk



Cop beats woman- then arrests her! https://youtu.be/eqdWR7d3Ke8



CCPD- https://youtu.be/iMkyyjFsHag 



I had no plan on posting another ‘post’ today- I would prefer everyone to read the teaching post-

But things changed.

My friends told me the CCPD shot a taser into Little Charlie- I think his last name is Martin.


You have seen Charlie on my videos- he’s a good kid.

They told me Charlie ran out of fear- and was later found under a vehicle with the broken ends of the taser in him.


I asked why they tased him- they told me they had no idea- but there was no warrant on Charlie-

Oh well- just another day at the office.

The flash bomb thru a window- the case of the cop who beat the hell out of a woman- then arrested her-

I mean the list truly is never ending.


The black top attorney of Florida was was pulled over by a white cop a few months ago- she asked ‘why did you pull me over’?

The cop said they ran her plates- and nothing showed up-



 Guess that's suspicious to them.

I can add the links- go thru the whole process again-

But recently a white cop was declared not guilty- after killing a black man.


The prosecutor- who works with the cops- told the court that the cop planted a gun in the Black mans car-

The PROSECUTOR said this mind you!


Then they had audio- from the cop car- where the white cop said ‘I am going to kill this …’

Yes- on the cop car audio-

So- that should be enough evidence- I mean how often do you have a person saying seconds before he kills you ‘I am going to kill you’- then does it?

The gun the cop planted was a service revolver- and the only prints on the gun- were the cops. They didn’t even find dna from the black man on the gun- never mind figerprints.


But the white cop was declared Innocent- so why add any more links?

Why try to get video of a cop actually saying ‘I will kill this black man’- because even if it’s on video- the cop walks.


All we can do is realize what we- the public- are dealing with.

In these cases- these people are in no way public servants- no- in these cases they are people who got away with murder- assault- false arrest- the list goes on.


If they simply respond to real crimes- when called- that would possibly cut down on the illegal killings- beatings of women- etc.

But no- they will continue to pull over a Sandra Bland- a Black attorney general of Florida- you will never be able to stop them from doing this-


And yes- more will be killed- more women will be beat up- by cops-

And in the case I mentioned on the video- if the wife dares try to defend herself- from a cop with a history of beating former wives- then yes-

That 2nd wife will go to prison for life.


https://youtu.be/loVuynn4Qe4 I wasn’t actually going to post this- because there are hundreds of thousands like this- but as I reviewed the clip- sure enough- the first case were cops in Bloomfield- N.J.- heck- that’s where my dad lives! Then I saw the trial in Newark- so- hopefully this exposure might protect my dad- he’s been sick- I would hate for one of those cops to rob him or something- Hey- can you cops do me a favor- please leave my pops alone? Thanks guys-

https://youtu.be/qIGKhREA27I animal shot

https://youtu.be/IGQfTUTSs0I Homeless woman beat by cop

The list goes on- and on- and on- they simply will never stop doing this- never!!


Chief Markle- https://youtu.be/tbnfkWnaaAY











Overblog see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/09/ccpd-5/ 

NEWS LINKS- http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/10/cleveland_police_officer_charg_12.html


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