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Posted on by John Chiarello


Uh oh! It looks like I’m in Facebook jail- the links to my blogs [sharing video] are stopped- but that's why I have about 100 thousand web sites [Ok- a bit of an exaggeration].

 Though some of you think I do- because of my non stop ‘link blasts’.


So- let me see if I can add the last 2 video links here- and see if it will post. If not- then yes- you can visit 1 of my many sites- Oh yea- before I forget. As I upload to Youtube- you know- I usually see some one recommended a video for me to watch- usually one of my favorite Rock songs- But lo and behold- someone recommended for me a video saying ‘learn how to sing’ you know- lessons.

I’m the one that tells the jokes on this site- just a reminder.


Yes- I just tried to log on to Facebook- I think they deleted the account- I have no access-

So- like Jesus says ‘shake the dust’- I’m not sure if I can even get this post on- but hopefully my facebook friends will find me-





 I made this video after the post- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/10/tuesday-4/ It was too late to add it on- so I posted it here.

https://youtu.be/wp8wURO30XY Mother Mary

http://ccoutreach87.com/10-11-17-mother-mary/ Mother Mary- needed a place to tag this-


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