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King David

Posted on by John Chiarello


2 Corinthians 7:10

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.


King David-






Friends [I made this video the same day]- https://youtu.be/oLBeDD00Y9M 

Update [10-24-17]- https://youtu.be/eAOC9wJS1BE 


ON VIDEO- [This started as just a talk with Furman- like some of my videos- just for my friends to share their story- but I taught myself and made it into a teaching post]

.Filmed this by the water- talking to Furman

.Healed of AIDS story

.Blood brothers

.David and Bathsheba

.Davids scheme

.He got the wife of another man pregnant

.Tried to cover it up

.Had the husband killed

.Thought the plan worked

.Then came the prophet

.David has godly sorrow

.Yet judgment came

.The baby is born

.The baby dies

.David and Bathsheba have another son

.His name is Solomon




NEW- I had no plan on teaching this day- but I spent the day on the street- and was going to simply do one of the interviews you see me do with my friends- and it turned into this.

The main point that I thought we should hit on was how Furman said he made a change in his life when he realized he sinned- against God.


He realized he- like all of us- have also sinned against other people- but until he realized he actually sinned against God- there was no real experience with God.

That lead to me talking about King Davids experience- and I simply finished the teaching on video.


Later in the day I finished the story of David with Furman- because he often says we still reap things later in life- even after God forgives us-

Which is true in a way.


So I told him that even after David repented- he too suffered for the rest of his life- as a result of his sin.

Davids sons rebelled against him- and he had disunity in his home- as a direct result of the sin with Bathsheba.


He really appreciated this aspect- because our conversation later in the day went along these lines- and it actually did fit in with the rest of the story I started earlier in the day.

We went to look at a building where Furman wants to some day start an outreach- and the former owner/renter was a man he knew-


The owner of a local bar [Barton Street Pub]-

That's what lead to the 2nd short video of the day.

All in all it was a good day- Furman thanked me for the teaching and said he wished I went on longer- which was indeed a compliment-


For now I’ll post my past teaching on it below-







(927)2ND SAMUEL 11- David sends Joab and his men out to war. He stays home and takes a walk on his roof and spots Bathsheba. He sends a servant to contact her and he sleeps with her. He finds out she’s pregnant and the gears in his mind start moving. He calls her noble husband, Uriah, from the front lines of battle and pretends he just called him to inquire about the battle. He sends him home, hoping he will sleep with his wife, and then David will be off the hook. Sure enough Uriah is so noble that he refuses to sleep in his house when his men are in the battle. So David gives it a second shot and gets the brother drunk. He sends him home again and Uriah refuses to sleep with Bathsheba. So David calls for Joab, the lead commander of his army, and says ‘put Uriah in the front lines and draw back and let him die’. Something interesting happens. Joab carries out the plan but also allows some of David’s other men to die. Then he sends a messenger to tell David ‘we were at the front lines, close to a wall, and some of our guys were killed’. Joab tells the messenger ‘if David gets mad and says “what were you thinking by getting close to the wall? This is a basic mistake that should have never been made!”’ Joab says if David asks this, then say ‘Uriah is dead too’. It’s possible that Joab stuck it to David here for making him partake in his personal problems. Military men do not like carrying out personal political vendettas. Either way the messenger goes and tells David and David feels he covered up his sin. Of course we will soon find out the cover up didn’t work. Bathsheba does move in with David and they make plans for the coming baby. A few things; David was a great man, he followed God as a man ‘after Gods own heart’. David was also human. Hebrews says ‘every high priest taken from among men must make sacrifice for his own sin as well as the peoples’. I don’t want to excuse sin, but I want you to see that all of us have ‘feet of clay’. Modern ministry has a system where we present the best image of leadership to people. We feel this is part of the role of leaders. The scriptures show you ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’. We just saw the ugly.


(928)2ND SAMUEL 12- Nathan confronts David over his sin. He gives a parable about 2 men in a town, one owned lots of flocks and sheep, the other owned one precious lamb. The man with all the sheep had a visitor come to him in need. So instead of sacrificing his own sheep, he went and took the precious ‘only lamb’ from his neighbor. David is incensed over this injustice, he declares ‘This man will pay back what he did and also die for this sin’! Nathan says ‘you are the man’. David realizes he did this very thing with Bathsheba and Uriah. Notice how we have a tendency to be enraged over the sin and faults of others, but we make room for ourselves when we are guilty of the same things. Jesus confronted the religious hypocrisy of his day when he showed the Pharisees that they were guilty of lust and anger and jealousy, the same root causes of murder and adultery. They wanted strict judgment on others who were guilty of the same sins that they were guilty of. Also the fact that the man with one little lamb lost his [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/25/king-david-3/ ]favorite, this speaks of the great sacrifice of giving up the ‘only begotten Son of God’. Jesus sacrifice was

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