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Niger- beware of the agenda driven KRIS news!




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.ABC news ‘he died doing what he loved’-

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.Media politicizing the death of our soldiers- because they have an agenda

.Even the Huff Post rebukes MSNBC!

.To the media [Local too] I just FACT CHECKED YOU- and you have come up wanting- again

[I just added one last note on Niger at the bottom- right before posting]


CCPD changes statement in Dewboy Lister shooting-




Below is a time-line of the statements to the media about the Dewboy Lister case- I noticed today that something has changed- and it concerns me-

 Now the Chief is saying that the officer was in the process of impounding the vehicle- which would change the dynamics. At first CCPD said the cop made a request for Lister to sit in the back of the cop car- so the officer could search Listers car.

 Lister had the right to say no to a search. Then the previous reports said he left at that point. By the story changing to the officer was in the process of impounding Listers car- it makes the pursuit of Lister look more viable.

Like I said at the start- in this case the video will not be the main question- because it seems as if the video shows the ‘’justified’’ shooting of Lister- but the question is what led up to the shooting.

 I am not saying the chief is lying about the incident- but we would like more clarification- proof- that the officer was actually in the process of impounding the vehicle- or as the first statements said- he simply asked Lister if could could search the vehicle.


Here’s the change in timeline/story from local media reports-


CCPD has released the identity of the officer involved in a shooting that left a man dead. 

Officer Jose Hasette conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation in the area of Port and Winnebago St.  Thursday night around 9 p.m.

Officer Hasette approached the vehicle and contacted the 55-year-old driver, identified as Dewboy Lister. 

Police say that Lister did not comply with Officer Hasette's requests and then fled from the scene in his vehicle. 

Officer Hasette pursued Lister in his police unit for several blocks until Lister stopped his vehicle in the 2800 block of Minton St., and then fled from his vehicle on foot. 

Officer Hasette later caught up with Lister and a struggle ensued.  During the struggle, Officer Hasette fired one shot, striking Lister in the torso. 

Full article http://www.kztv10.com/story/36646468/ccpd-officer-identified-in-officer-involved-shooting 

KRIS 6 News has sent a request under the Freedom of Information Act for a copy of the video and are awaiting response.

Here's what we know:

The video begins with the officer pulling over the vehicle being driven by a person who was identified Friday as Dewboy Lister, 55, of Corpus Christi.

The reason he was pulled over was for driving in two lanes and license plate lights being off. 

The officer approached the vehicle, began a conversation, asking for insurance, registration and identification. 

Lister showed him a piece of paper. The officer explained to him it was expired. They continued talking and the officer asked Lister where he was headed and where he was coming from. 

Lister responded, "I'm coming from work man, I have a lot going on... Citgo."

The officer continued to question him. Individual said a cuss word. The officer explained his insurance was expired.

The officer began a search, asking Lister to sit in the police car, and explained he is not under arrest. 

Lister refused to sit in the police car and a confrontation began.

The officer repeatedly asked Lister to back up or he "will get tased."

Lister was tased one time before getting back in his vehicle. A pursuit began. 

"...Resisting traffic stop... he's been tased one time," officer said. 

Lister eventually stopped the vehicle and a foot pursuit ensued taking them to the 2800 block of Minton Street. 

The officer and Lister came into contact and a struggle began.

The officer repeatedly yelled, "...Get off me man, get off me. You are going to get shot. Get off me."

Lister was shot in the chest one time. [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/23/monday-4/ ]


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