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Posted on by John Chiarello

SATURDAY- [These are my 1 day roll outs- I make the videos- and add notes thru out the day- I did add some teaching links as well- and news links at the bottom]


Murder- Vegas shooter- science- news update- https://youtu.be/plj-ezAO9vE 


.Emergency call

.Are my friends being murdered?

.Death Penalty case

.Harvey Weinstein

.Did twitter silence the Rose?

.Trump- media

.The courts ruled it unconstitutional already

.My google search for Global warming [I added at the bottom]

.Bias in science too

.Punctuated Equilibrium?

.Sounds good- but you stole the science from the opposing side- and then claimed it proved your point!

.Physics- Metaphysics- and the Big Bang


.Aristotle and Aquinas

.If I stop giving my homeless friends a dollar a day- it will cost me more!

.Yes- that's the news


Here are just 3 links- from reputable sources- that show real ‘smart’ people who have questioned the standard global warming paradigm- I did not just google for ‘deniers’ but I remembered these articles from being a news watcher. But the average public is told that any open debate comes from idiots living in the stone age! That was the same debate that went on about other scientific ‘beliefs’ that the were later shown to be false [Abiogenesis- etc]. I simply talk about these issues because they deal with real bias- both in the media and at times the scientific community. If you only watch an Al Gore documentary- yes- you will be convinced. But it works that way with many issues- it’s important to see both sides- Here are just a few links-









.Henry’s story

.She kept calling the cops on him

.She kept lying too


.Cop in Texas faked his own death http://www.kztv10.com/story/36596602/charges-dropped-against-ex-cop-accused-of-faking-his-death 

.38 special


Taught Samuel with homeless friends [New Christian Harvest]-



.Dog prays on video [no joke]

.Crow- Claire



.what do Crow and the prophet Samuel have in common?



NEW- [I guess I’ll add a ‘past posts’ section below- just to give this some value]

I wanted to cover some news issues- and talk about bias- both in the media- as well as in all areas of life.

I’m not sure how many more videos I’ll do today- if any- but I’ll add some of the news links below.


http://www.kztv10.com/story/36586596/inmate-executed-for-beeville-prison-guards-death I talked about this execution on today’s video. On the video I mentioned how this was the brother of a girl I know here in Flour Bluff- the strange thing was- she asked me to pray for him because they were going to put him to death- about 2 years ago.


I remember the case- and the name- I do pray for the guys on death row.

That they would ‘go out well’ if you will.[overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/14/saturday-4/ ]


Some have done that- they have admitted to their crimes- asked forgiveness- stuff like that.

I just read the article and this was the same person I prayed for 3 years ago.

I forgot- but their were real questions to his guilt- and the courts gave him a stay at that time.

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