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Posted on by John Chiarello

SUNDAY 10-1-17


Panic- Prince- https://youtu.be/Ro2VkFpWmB0 

https://vimeo.com/236333803  [Made this short clip on the way into Church Unlimited]

.Review of next Sunday

.Hookers- addicts- thieves- they go in before you

.But you still don’t see


Media disgrace- https://youtu.be/-aII3keSZMU 

.The tweets?

.Fake news

.Past example- reporter in a canoe- doing live coverage of the disaster- the water must be at least 10 feet deep! 2 people walk behind her in the live shot- it was about a foot deep- that's fake news

.Why are the media saying Republicans want to KILL OBAMA care?

.Daca and the game- why did they want Obama’s temporary order to stand?

.Did they really care for the Hispanic kids?

.Watch and see


San Juan Mayor- 1st in 4.5 billion years- https://youtu.be/z6U8K-UWVh4 

.Let me tell you from experience

.Or watch CNN

.Mayor of San Juan- please do your job- please!


NEWS- [Note- I didn’t read any of these links- but simply googled media bias on this event]






NEW- Well today turned into another Roll Out day-

Few things-

The media-

 As most of you know Puerto Rico- like many in my area of South Texas- was hit by a hurricane.

The media coverage has been ‘why is Trump attacking the mayor of San Juan- non stop’- they have been reporting his twitter tirades- and asking why Trump is purposefully allowing the innocent victims in Puerto Rico to die.


I even heard one media person say it was obvious- because he is a racist- he obviously is not helping the people of Puerto Rico.

Yet- as I watch this coverage- I remember one media person asking a few weeks ago ‘will this be Trump’s Katrina’.


This question was asked- about hurricane Harvey- before it hit Texas- or right after it made landfall- [and hit city of Corpus Christi].


I found it interesting that some in the media were already asking this- before the damage was assessed.

So- the media has been looking for some hurricane- any one- to make into a disaster of epic proportions.

Today I found out that the mayor of San Juan has not even been in the FEMA emergency coordinating building of her town.


I’m a retried firefighter- all mayors attend these meetings- they are for the purpose of the local coordination of the federal resources- every one in emergency management knows this to be a fact.

As far as I know all the mayors of south Texas attended their EOC meetings.


It’s actually possible that the mayor of San Juan has been so busy on CNN- that she is personally responsible for the failure of aid to be delivered to her own city.

How did the media cover that?


Because they are often ignorant of the actual stories they cover- they said ‘That's ok- she has others there for her’.

Actually- it does not work that way- as I just explained.


So even in this short post- you see how the ignorance of the media- their non stop coverage of a so called Trump twitter tirade against the mayor- because of their desire for a Trump Katrina- they are actually hindering the real help that the people in Puerto Rico need.


As of now- I have not looked at the Trump tweets-

I will try and find the actual tweets- and post them below.

We will see- together- what they say. [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/02/sunday-2/ ]


But the media have been reporting non stop that the Trump tweets are attacking the mayor of San Juan- they have been asking her loaded questions- and they are doing all this- while the actual federal

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