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Posted on by John Chiarello



John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


The other day- Sunday afternoon- I did a few roll out videos- on them I discussed media manipulation- I even talked about how they have shaped the narrative on gun shootings in our country. Sure enough that night- we had one of the most horrific mass shootings in the nations history- as of now- 59 dead in the Vegas strip shooting. I did a few comments/videos since then- I decided to link them all to one post- here it is. I might add some controversial video links that have come up since the shooting- if you watch my videos you will see how I do not buy into all the various conspiracy theories going around- but these other links are making the rounds- and there is a general distrust of the media and official government reports- on many things. In my opinion they deserve this distrust- and that's what fuels the conspiracy theorists- I’ll also link whatever videos I make today- 10-4-17-

[Past posts- verses below]


Walk the dog- [notes below] https://youtu.be/zXTtFQXZgdE


.Free Fallin’



.Great job guys!

.abc- nbc- cbs- 613 [3- 6- 10 are the local stations] I made a correction below- on the 613- the real number some scholars debate is 616- not 613- I posted the past teaching below-

.Did we just crack the code? Watch n see

.And yes- some teaching- Docetism and the Gnostics


 Trump golden showers video- Breaking News- no more Sun!- https://youtu.be/RRWeF3IevLw


.Digital disaster?

.Fox news not much better


.Trump and the hammer?

.FBI- Comey

.Russian blackmail?

.The infamous Russian hotel room

.CNN and porn?

.Trump tweet was right

.Acts 24 preview

.What happened in AD 79?

.Media establishment

.Fake News


Breaking news [NBC] Tillerson calls Trump Moron- Democrats thinks Guam might flip over [On the video I said Puerto Rico- it was Guam] https://youtu.be/BpVfg5WGDPU 


.See for yourself? https://youtu.be/v7XXVLKWd3Q 

.Why does the media believe Guam [or Puerto Rico] will flip over? [Dem said it- media covered for him]


https://youtu.be/_Q76bxxyKu0 Shooter update- I made this video on 10-2-17- and the day before the shooting I actually talked about issues like this- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/02/sunday/ So I linked them here - I didn’t make a post for the Shooter videos and wanted them on a post.


https://youtu.be/G4CCQi62RBY Shooter 2- media disgrace



Last video [Walk the dog]- I did talk about Logos- Word- and did a little teaching- yes- on the antichrist! Did I crack the code? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Ok- obviously I simply did a day of discussing media- I talked about how NBC had breaking news- yes- they reported that Tillerson called Trump a MORON. This pressed Trump’s button- and they knew it!


CNN ran a story ‘Trump to have special meeting over tensions between him and Tillerson’. Then they had 3 stories- in a row- where the phrase MORON was in the title. Like college kids playing a game.

The short teaching on the video spoke about the importance of the Word- Logos [Jesus].


I guess it’s fitting- our nation- and the world- have some real problems-

The Vegas shooting- yes- the recovery from the hurricanes- and other very important things that REAL NEWS is not covering- the humanitarian crisis in Yemen- where many are dying- not because of a hurricane- or a deranged shooter-

But because of real shooters- in a proxy war- in which the U.S. is arming one of the sides [Saudi Arabia].


Yes- many more than 59 are killed- and many more than all the recent hurricanes combined.

Yet- we actually play a roll in these deaths- and if the media gave 1/ 100th of the coverage they give to MORON stories- we might actually be able to save lives- yes- of women and kids.


So the word- whether print- or spoken- can have a positive impact on the world.

But sad to say- we are getting the wrong words-

As Christians- and yes- independent bloggers- we can play a role as well.[overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/10/05/wednesday-4/ ]


It’s sad that many in our society simply do not trust the mainstream media- or the official government reports.

Many have turned to others- to try and find REAL WORDS- words that are simply speaking truth.

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