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Posted on by John Chiarello

MONDAY [roll out]


FBI investigation into Trump- [More videos below]



[I realize it is not an FBI investigation- but what is called a special prosecutor- but I think it sounds better- also- this might be the last one for today- I just got off my roof- and I’m loaded with roofing tar as I type- yes I’m doing the roof]


I realize our country [USA] is divided- but I get mad when I see the media purposefully overlook some tragedies [examples on video] while joyfully covering others.


It’s the game that many in the country see as ‘fake news’.

I talked about the current investigation into Trump- not that there are not some valid reasons for it- but the actual history of how we got here.


Fake reports given to the FBI [Russian Dossier] how these fake reports- paid for by a political party [DNC] were used to illegally obtain warrants on U.S. citizens-





And how the prosecutor in the present case- Mueller- had his own horrendous history while heading up the FBI

It was his agency- that had Intel that could have stopped 911- yet this info was not shared with the CIA.


Mulleur was heading up The FBI when this happened- possibly one of the worst dereliction of duty examples in the history of this country-

Yet- this same man today- is on a so called righteous crusade- which was enabled by fake Russian documents- paid for by a political party-


Then these fake documents were handed over to James Comey- former head of the FBI-

Then James Comey’s friend becomes the lead prosecutor [Mueller] and it was these fake documents that were used to get the warrants on private citizens illegally-


And yet the main stream media will tell you none of this.

So- that's why I made the first [and only?] video for the day-

Just because the main stream media- aka fake news- will never tell you what I just did…




North Beach- https://youtu.be/0EKx6Zu51eQ



  [Ok- I made one more]


As I was checking the news- I read an article about Bob Mueller- I was not aware of his history.

He tried a case against the Hells Angels- and lost the first time around- the jury system obviously believed Mueller was not telling the truth about the defendants [which means they believed he was lying].


He tried the case again- and got 5 convictions- all of which were later overturned-

The article stated that it was obvious the snitches Mueller used- were lying against the Hells Angels- a jury believed this mind you.


Did Mr Mueller knowingly coerce these jail house snitches to lie? [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/11/28/monday-5/ ]

If so- that is indeed a crime.

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