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Texas shooting

Posted on by John Chiarello



Texas Church shooting- https://youtu.be/x6KeylSyEj4



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.Seth Rich and the DNC

.Donna thought it was murder too!

.Clinton- Trump- Sanders

.Caller Times

.Rick Perry

.Lights would help

.Uranium One

.Deep state- everywhere?

.Why is the nation angry?

.They have a right to be- of course

.But why?

.Murder is a violation of moral/natural law

.Many who are mad say ‘you cannot legislate morality’

.Yet when the moral law is broken- they themselves admit that we need to ‘legislate morality’



NEW- [Past posts- News links below]


 I have been slowing down on the news posts- but today I figured I would do a brief recap of the past few weeks.

Some of it is ‘silly stuff’- meaning the general bias of the media- and how they waste the public's time.


The Rick Perry story being one of them.

But the tragic massacre of the innocents in Texas was a real news story.

I simply tried to talk about why killing is wrong-

From the standpoint of natural law.


I have taught these things in the past- and as of now I’m not sure how much more I will do today.

The country is polarized- on many things.

Yet- both the left and right share in their outrage over the senseless killing of the people in a small church right here just 2 hours North of where I live.


Both sides of the aisle have different solutions to the problem-

Yet they are mad- for the same basic reason- whether they realize it or not.

And yes- that reason itself is rooted in the foundation of what is right- and what is wrong.


It goes all the way back to the law of God- natural law theory.

It is wrong to kill- to take Innocent life.

That indeed is a moral law- that comes from God.


Some thinkers deny this [thus the debate]-

But our shared national outrage is indeed a moral one-

Whether you admit it- or not.








Locke taught that each man has individual rights- and he empowers government- an elected designated body- to have rule-

Yet- that government exists solely for the benefit of the people- and when/if that government ‘forgets’ this- the people have a right/duty to revolt.

Locke’s ideas were formed at a time when his own government experienced a sort of revolution [1600’s- England].

The people revolted against monarchy- and replaced it with a sort of Democratic Parliament-

Referred to as the bloodless revolution or the glorious revolution.

The king [or today- queen] would still play a role- like a figurehead- but the power was in the people- willingly given over to a Parliament.

The political ideas of Locke influenced our founding fathers- and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are in parts almost word for word taken from the writings of Locke.

Locke believed in natural law- that morality was indeed a universal reality [some scholars/thinkers will say that Locke does not fully embrace the Christian concept of natural/moral law].

He taught that  knowledge comes from man’s experience- the things he interacts with thru the 5 senses.

That man is not born with innate ideas [like the early Greek thinkers said] but his mind is a Tabula Rasa- or blank slate at birth.

This is an Empirical understanding of knowledge. [overblog- see here- https://ccoutreach87.com/2017/11/07/texas-shooting/ ]

Locke also believed in the concept of the separation of church and state- this idea was not unique to our founding fathers- no- they got it right out of the writings of Locke [his parents were Puritans- and they obviously influenced their son].

Locke’s political views were-

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