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Posted on by John Chiarello



Luke 9:23 [Full Chapter]

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.




[I made this one in the afternoon- and will try and post the verses at the bottom. This is a ‘roll-out’ post- meaning I usually make the videos and add the notes the same day. The purpose of this post was to show the real ‘purging’ taking place by Youtube- the Google notification of an illegal withdrawal of 4,000 dollars from my account- is out and out harassment- but I documented it on the videos and the picture posted to my Facebook account today- I did not want to wait for the teaching post- but needed to get this post out as soon as possible]


 [Multiple videos on each one because it seems that Youtube and google might be committing fraud- so I also added my other video accounts]


3-7-18 Google threatens me again https://youtu.be/yu89NajUOPE





Google screen shot






Screen shot 2 https://youtu.be/gRziuT_qLRI






I usually tag these daily videos to the teaching post- but I wanted to get them up today.

Ever since I challenged YouTube on a strike they gave to one of my videos- I have been actually getting a false notification from Google- a threat.


It shows up on my phone as ‘You will be charged $4,232 dollars from your Wells Fargo account’. This is a false charge- I have not bought anything from Google- but I have upgraded my One Drive account [Microsoft] the charge is 2 dollars a month for that new video site. But it’s possible that google accessed my account from Wells Fargo when I made the transaction- and have illegally tapped into my bank account. I spoke with Wells Fargo about it- and they said to wait for Google to try and actually commit fraud on my account. Google owns YouTube and I have been in an ongoing battle with them- but its shocking that they would have a rogue employee doing this. The notice on my phone is an official Google notice- but it does not come up on my Gmail- so they won’t have a record of this crime.

I did catch the screen shot on my back up phone- and will try and get a better picture to post on Facebook- [Its on now]



FINAL NOTE- Right before I post this- let me add a few thoughts.

This past week there has been a lot of news reports about Youtube [Google] targeting Christian- or ‘hard right’ views.

 For those who do not watch my videos- I actually do not fit into the category of ‘hard right’. I support Black lives matter- I have spoken openly- and at times ‘vigorously’ when there were shootings of Black people by cops- that I thought were unjustified.


 I have also criticized Youtube for the removing of Muslim videos. Yes- they went thru a purge about a year ago and rightfully removed ‘radical’ Islamic videos- but during the process- they also removed videos that were simply teaching Islam- I spoke out against that.


When I got a ‘strike’ from Youtube about a week ago- at first I simply let it go. But then typed a reply ‘I’m not sure why you banned this video’? [I did not re watch my video- I’m too busy]

I thought maybe they would reply. The next time I went on Youtube- the strike was removed- Huh?


 It showed me that they had people with an ideological agenda that were simply ‘striking’ Christian videos- maybe thinking all Christians are ‘hard right’. Which I just showed you is not a tag you could put on me.


 I also do not sells ads- take money- or prevent people from downloading and owning all of our videos. It’s all free- I waive the copyright completely. I do this so all the on-line stuff I do can be a service in some way.


 And in the midst of all this- I had to stop and ‘fight’ Youtube- and their parent company Google. I have seen many others do the same thing- many of them are fighting because they make money form their sites- and they fight for this reason.

[overblog- see here https://ccoutreach87.com/2018/03/08/wednesday-6/ ]

 Youtube and Google also make money- yes- from my sites. Though we are small- most of the sites I’m

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