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Ephesians 4

Posted on by John Chiarello

Ephesians 4 Tuesday 6-26-18


 NEW- Today I’m posting chapter 4 of my Ephesians study- and plan on finishing it up in 2 more posts.

On the video I made yesterday [Friends] it was interesting how I ran into my friends- I actually parked down the block and was walking to see Rick- under the overpass- and sure enough I ran into Andy and Charlie- I have made lots of videos with them before- and after I shut the video off they wanted to do some praying [which they did- and led in] and were really doing a sort of bible study when I rolled up on them. It was no joke- or just ‘doing it for the video’.

Later on some stuff happened- not between me and any of them- but things that happen on the street.

Some would think ‘hey- those guys were just praying- was it fake’?

No- it wasn't fake- and yes- many of my friends who struggle with addiction- they do stuff- that they actually don't;t 'want' to do.

Many of us have done the same [Read Romans 7]

So- for this short update- I think that's the story I should share.

There are many news stories going on right now- some locally and of course nationally.

If you- or I- or any of us- speak to the issues- I think it is a good thing.

I also think we should be informed- really informed.

I see people seeing stuff for the first time- because the media has decided to shine the light on it- for the 1st time-

And then they get mad- as in if it is a ‘new crisis’- when in reality it is not- to be honest about it.

Many people have become engaged- which I think is a good thing- but I think we should also become ‘engaged’ when there are things being done- real atrocities- even if the media covers up for them- which is what I have spoken on recently on some of the videos I have made.

Ok- please pray for our nation- our leaders- and all leaders- we are citizens of a particular country- all of us [some who I speak to now are not Americans by the way].

Yet- we are a global community as well- and especially those of us who are of the household of faith- regardless of skin color or ethnicity- we are a brotherhood in Christ.



 This was the reason I didn’t want to write on the ‘re-posts’-

Because I’m busy uploading the nightly videos- and I’m thinking I need to explain some of the stuff I just wrote above.

I realize some will get mad when I say ‘not a new crisis’- and some will disagree.

We have a ‘new’ problem with the way our country has handled immigration- because in the past our congress has passed laws- that actually enforce [supposed to] immigration laws- then- when the present president began enforcing them- it caused more children to be separated from their parents as they entered into the u.S.

I am pro immigrant by the way- but because of the laws that have been passed- and the recent stricter enforcement of them- then yes- this has created a ‘crisis’.

Many are upset because they see it played out on U.S. media- the same media that refused to show you the pictures of Black people being sold on the open slave market in Libya- because they did not want you to see or know of that ‘crisis’- it was for purely political reasons that they covered that up- I spoke about that on the videos.

I could go on and give case after case- so many are truly upset with the immigration situation in our country- but many voted for representatives who did indeed pass laws that caused this to happen.

And many of those same lawmakers are outraged that the laws they passed- are being enforced- to me- this is hypocrisy.

So yes- I too am mad about the crisis- but I was also mad about the Black kids being sold as slaves in Libya- this happened when another president of the U.S. removed the leader of Libya.

And the American media did not want to reveal it- because it went against their agenda.

So lets shine light on all atrocities in the world- not just the ones the corporate media want you to see-

Ok- see why I didn’t want to write on these?


These are the videos I post every night to my various sites- all my sites are linked to the bottom of each post

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Psalm 90:9 For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told.

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